4 Fl Oz Empty Salt, Pepper, and Spice Grinders with Caps

4 Fl Oz Empty Salt, Pepper, and Spice Grinders with Caps.

These plastic spice jars are ideal to grind salt pepper, herbs, and spices. Organize your kitchen and spice rack with great-looking and reusable spice jars.

Break down large spice amounts into smaller bottles to gift to friends and family. Perfect for taking spice on the go! 

Made from FDA food-grade approved PET plastic. The bottles are strong, durable, and crystal clear. Each bottle comes with an induction heat seal (machine sealer not included). The seal inside the cap can easily be removed if sealing is not required. 

These are the same high-quality bottles we use at Sonoran Spice! 

Product Features:

  • HIGH QUALITY - Made of FDA Food Grade approved PET plastic. Lightweight and crystal clear. 
  • SEALS - Use a Heat Induction Sealer to seal the bottle for customer safety. The seals have "Sealed for Freshness" printed on them. You can easily remove the seal for personal use with ease.  
  • Cap: The cap screws onto the bottle. The grinder cap consists of three parts. The bottom screws onto the 4 oz bottle. The middle part is the induction seal liner. The top has a plastic cap removable flat top piece that keeps whatever is in the bottle fresh.
  • MULTIPURPOSE - The perfect sized bottle to grind every salt and spice you can imagine. 
  • SIZE - Height: 4.75 x 1.8'' diameter. 

NOTE: Bottle manufacturers use fluid oz for bottle sizes. This bottle is used at Sonoran Spice to fill 4 oz sea salts. It can also be used to fill 1.5 to 1.75 oz of powder. We accept returns on all products but will not provide free return shipping labels for empty bottles due to incorrectly ordering the wrong size. This is extremely cost-prohibitive. Please carefully read the description of the product and note the dimensions before you place the order.