Carolina Reaper - Scorpion - Ghost Pepper - Spice Filled Keychains

Spice Filler

Take the power of Sonoran Spice heat with you wherever you go with our new spice keychains!

Choose from a variety of colors then select which hot pepper product you would like us to fill your new keychain with.

Take scorching heat anywhere, to your favorite restaurant, to your favorite bar, to work or to your friend's house. The heat always goes wherever you go. 

Technical Details:

2 x 0.25 inches. 

Made from high quality medical grade aluminum. Laser etched with our Sonoran Spice logo. 



Ask a Question
  • How many ounces of powder comes in each key chain?

    Depends on the spice, as they all have different densities. There is also a big difference in the amount we can fit in there between flakes and powder. Tell us which one you looking to purchase and we will weigh it and post back the result.

  • How Many Ounces do I get in each, Ghost Pepper and Trinidad Scorpion., Powder.

    2.7 grams or ~0.1 oz.


Red Carolina Reaper Powder Red Carolina Flakes Red Trinidad Scorpion Powder Red Trinidad Scorpion Flakes Red Ghost Pepper Powder Red Ghost Pepper Flakes Red Bird's Eye Powder Red Bird's Eye Flakes Red Habanero Powder Red Habanero Flakes Red Jalapeno Powder Red Jalapeno Flakes Red Chipotle Powder Red Cayenne Powder Red Empty Black Carolina Reaper Powder Black Carolina Flakes Black Trinidad Scorpion Powder Black Trinidad Scorpion Flakes Black Ghost Pepper Powder Black Ghost Pepper Flakes Black Habanero Powder Black Habanero Flakes Black Jalapeno Powder Black Jalapeno Flakes Black Chipotle Powder Black Cayenne Powder Black Empty Gold Carolina Reaper Powder Gold Carolina Flakes Gold Trinidad Scorpion Powder Gold Trinidad Scorpion Flakes Gold Ghost Pepper Powder Gold Ghost Pepper Flakes Gold Habanero Powder Gold Habanero Flakes Gold Jalapeno Powder Gold Jalapeno Flakes Gold Chipotle Powder Gold Cayenne Powder Gold Empty Green Carolina Reaper Powder Green Carolina Flakes Green Trinidad Scorpion Powder Green Trinidad Scorpion Flakes Green Ghost Pepper Powder Green Ghost Pepper Flakes Green Habanero Powder Green Habanero Flakes Green Jalapeno Powder Green Jalapeno Flakes Green Chipotle Powder Green Cayenne Powder Green Empty Silver Carolina Reaper Powder Silver Carolina Flakes Silver Trinidad Scorpion Powder Silver Trinidad Scorpion Flakes Silver Ghost Pepper Powder Silver Ghost Pepper Flakes Silver Habanero Powder Silver Habanero Flakes Silver Jalapeno Powder Silver Jalapeno Flakes Silver Chipotle Powder Silver Cayenne Powder Black Bird's Eye Powder Black Bird's Eye Flakes Silver Bird's Eye Powder Silver Bird's Eye Flakes Green Bird's Eye Powder Green Bird's Eye Flakes Gold Bird's Eye Powder Gold Bird's Eye Flakes