CaJohns Hydra 7-Pot Primo Hot Sauce

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The 7-Pot Primo has been around since 2005. Rather obscure for quite a while, it packs an almost 1.5 million SHU rating! While other chiles have grabbed the limelight as " World's Hottest" this chile has flourished in the backwoods and swamps around Lafayette, Louisiana. There is a lot of "which came first" controversy surrounding this pod, but we offer this straightforward sauce for your review. The only chile contained in this sauce is the 7-Pot Primo. Enjoy!

Additional Details:
Size: 5 fl oz glass bottle
Pepper: 7-Pot Primo

7-Pot Primo Chiles, Distilled Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Garlic,
Spices, Lemon Extract.