Halogi Hot Sauce 3 Pack

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Enjoy the great taste and depth of all three Halogi hot sauces.

Halogi Raven's Wine Hot Sauce
Garlic punches through a pepper-forward flavor in this delicious, semisweet sriracha-style sauce.

Halogi Baldr's Bane Hot Sauce
Halogi Baldr's Bane Hot Sauce is Halogi's mildest sauce and brings together classic verde flavors: cilantro, jalapeno, and a wave of lime. 

Halogi Egil's Ale Hot Sauce
Egil's Ale hot sauce is a tapestry of savory seasonings and sweet pineapple weaves poignant, flavorful stanzas to mask the creeping and unmistakable ferocity of fresh-picked habaneros.

Each sauce comes in a glass 5 fl oz bottle.

Contains no common allergens.