Turmeric Powder - Unavailable

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Size: 1.5 Oz
This product is discontinued.

Introducing Sonoran Spice's new 100 percent pure turmeric powder. Grown in Southern India, turmeric is a member of the ginger family. Our turmeric powder is made by dehydrating and then grinding the roots of the turmeric plant. It has a distinctly earthy and hot peppery taste with just a hint of bitterness. Turmeric adds intense flavor to any savory dish.

Most commonly used as the base ingredient in curry it has many other uses as well, especially in South Asian and Middle Eastern cooking. Many Persian dishes use turmeric as a starter ingredient. In Nepal, it is used in many vegetable and meat dishes. In South Africa, turmeric is used to give the rice a vibrant color. It is also used in Thailand and Vietnam in many stir fry and soup dishes.

The health benefits and uses of turmeric are numerous. Be sure to click the second image on this page for a list or visit our friends over at Cognitune Smarter Health for a full list.

No MSG, salt-free, gluten-free, no preservatives, non-irradiated, no color additives. What you will receive is 100 percent pure turmeric powder in a high-quality sealed spice jar with a sifter flip cap. Conversion Use 1/4th less turmeric powder if your recipe calls for fresh turmeric. The powder flavor is much more concentrated.