World's Hottest Pepper Powder 5 Pack


Spice up any occasion with any of Sonoran Spice's 5 different hot pepper powders!

This new pack contains:
Our powders go perfect on pretty much anything, and with all of our different pepper powders, you can please even the most sensitive palate! This pack works perfect as a gift for friends and family, or to split with others who have certain heat preferences. 

Warning: This pack contains some of the World's Hottest pepper powders, including the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, and Ghost Pepper. Use sparingly and with caution. Be sure to have something nearby to help ease the burn.


Additional Info
Want to learn more about Carolina Reaper Peppers? Be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to the Carolina Reaper Pepper on our new blog.

The Ultimate Guide to the Carolina Reaper Pepper - Sonoran Spice

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