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Kick it UP!!!!

They might be dried, but the taste is fresh. I use this in cures, sausages and dressings... Pair it with their Green Chile Powder... the combo will blow your mind.


Excellent germination for 6 days from seed sow. So far all varieties are on point, thank you.

Fast handling

Fast handling and getting them shipped the only problems I had was the mail service was slow and shipped them the extra long direction

What an amazing product

This is no joke, I love it an use it to make spice rubs.... Let me tell you that the heat and earthy flavor are amazing. I find the 1kg pouches the best deal and I would recommend to anyone who enjoys heat!!!

Great product

Till now I had to constantly by fresh harbanero peppers and prepare them for my meals. They would spoil easily it was a pain, now I can enjoy harbanero peppers with no hassle and quick spoiling on me, and preperation needed.

Thank you very much

Trinidad Scorpion Seeds

Carolina Reaper Seeds

Hot Pepper

I cut my habanero powder with 50% black pepper and basically use it on everything but ice cream I’m a little addicted it is so good

Absolutely. Wonderful



Got my order in good time and it lives up to the hype, Hot ,Hoter, Hottest and I love them.

Awesome sauce!

I love this sauce! It’s got great heat and flavor! I put it on everything! They have great spicy BBQ sauce too!

Awesome seasonings!

I use these on my home made fire corn. They are too of the line. Be careful with the ghost pepper spice, it's no joke!

Hot with flavor

Can transfer product from container to container, the flakes don’t go up the nose like powder does. The Scorpion has a unique flavor with some good heat.

All my seeds have germinated.

Great seeds. If you know what you're doing with peppers every single one should germinate. All of mine have.

Great product

Product was great. I wanted fresh but the dried worked well. We had to reconstitute them. We had a hot pepper eating contest at our church. Your peppers did the job.

Quick shipping, high quality, dehydrated if you didn’t know

Great quality and fast shipping! I didn’t realize that their dehydrated, but that’s on me.


I like the salt, but it is so hot I have to mix regular salt with it. I put it sparringly on food and then resalt it.

Habanero Powder

Good Seeds

A majority of them sprouted and more than half are looking very healthy

Carolina Reaper Peppers

I got my order promptly (which was nice). I have made a salsa with the peppers and it was delicious. I haven’t planted the seeds because it’s still kinda cold. I’m looking forward to when I can have some fresh ones. Thank you

fast delivery!

Great Product

Quality of powder is great but the lid seems different. Big holes makes spreading powder over our peanuts difficult. Liked the lid with smaller more holes.

What an amazing product

Great heat, great flavor, awesome product and the ship to Canada!!!

Nice Heat

Used to add to my jerky mix for a little heat. Was not disappointed. Enhanced the flavor and gave a good bit of heat along with taste. Use sparingly do not over do. Adjust to your level of heat. Enjoy!!


The ghost pepper spicy Brittle was awesome had a good kick in a good crunch if you like spicy and like brittle definitely this is for you