Carolina Reaper Spicy Candy Gumballs - 25 Count

Product Features:
  • Sweet, sour, & spicy all in one amazing gumball!
  • 25 large gumballs per bag.
  • Has a sour powder coating.
  • It makes a great gift!
  • Pink Lemonade flavored. 
Product Description:
This is the world's hottest gumball! Our delicious cinnamon
Carolina Reaper Gumballs are a wonderful treat for anyone who loves spicy food. Made with our pure Carolina Reaper Peppers, they pack an unbelievable amount of heat in each piece.

This is not a candy for children, of any age, these are seriously hot! You will be in pain, you won't be able to handle the heat, then you'll eat another one and go through it all over again. 

Extra Hot Heat Level

Approximately 25 large gumballs per bag.

Warning: For internal use only. We suggest you wear gloves when handling each gumball. Avoid contact with eyes at all costs. While not toxic to the eyes, the pain you will feel will be extremely uncomfortable for at least 10 minutes. Baby shampoo works wonders in easing the pain. 

You have been warned!

Be sure to check out the hilarious video submissions featuring our new gumballs on our Wall of Pain Pepper Challenge Page!

Sugar, Corn Syrup (Glucose), Gum Base, Carolina Reaper Peppers, Confectioners Glaze, Carnauba Wax, Corn Starch, Artificial Flavors and Colors (Including FD&C Red 40, Blue1) BHT(to maintain freshness) Soy may be present.

Additional Info
Want to learn more about Carolina Reaper Peppers? Be sure to check out 
Carolina Reaper the Ultimate Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
She chickened out

I bought them for a person that says it can't get to hot for her. Now she won't even try them

Delicious Gum Balls

Those gumballs were delicious, I completed the challenge and will keep the rest for a treat.

Gumballs... Great Balls of Fire!

Very Hot and a lot of fun...

Hot Hot Hot

The Carolina Reaper spicy candy gum balls was the hottest thing I have ever tried, it was so hot that my tongue was numb. I think I even cried a little, in other words I really liked it. I was looking for some spicy candy and they gave me exactly that. They even delivered fast and on time with a little cup warmer. If you’re into really hot things then you should try this!


The hottest gum balls you’ll ever find guaranteed!!


I haven't tried it but I gave some to friends as a prank it was priceless eyes watered and they spit it out because it was to hot


I bought the carolina reaper gumballs to bring to a party. They were EXTREMELY hot. I eat very spicy foods (My nose has to run type spice!) We had a contest to see who could blow a bubble first. When you first chew it, it builds heat. When you first take a swallow, it scalds your throat. After the torture of getting it to a consistency to blow a bubble, you almost go dizzy it is so hot. Your natural reaction is to spit it out, but it is worse once the gum is no longer there. If you drink anything, itll crank up the heat further. You must sit in complete torture for a good 20 minutes after. Your chest and stomach will literally feel like hot lava. Best party game EVER! Fun times ahead!!!


This is, without a doubt, the hottest gum balls made !! Who ever tries these better be mentally prepared for a lot of HEAT !!! This gum is NO JOKE !! The usual time of keeping it in your mouth is about two to three minutes.

Awesomeness in a gumball

I love these so spicy


I love these so spicy