Chocolate Reaper Seeds


The Carolina Reaper is the world's hottest chili pepper. It averages 1,569,300 on the Scoville scale with peak levels of over 2,200,000 Scoville Heat Units. Carolina Reaper Peppers are a cross between a Ghost Pepper and a Red Habanero. These Chocolate Carolina Reaper peppers are a cross between a Ghost Pepper and a Chocolate Habanero Pepper giving the pepper its distinct chocolate color. The flavor is more earthy than regular Carolina Reaper Peppers with about the same level of heat.

Be sure to read our growing guide below on the best way to germinate the seeds. Once they are germinated, plant the seedling in fertile soil with plenty of moisture and direct sunlight. In just 160 days you'll have plants up to 3 feet tall that can produce dozens and dozens of delicious ripe Carolina Reaper Peppers that you can enjoy in all of your favorite dishes!

You will receive 15/30 seeds per jar, sealed in a clear stand-up pouch.

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I am very pleased with the prompt delivery of the seeds I ordered and with their professional protective packaging. I will definitely continue to order from this supplier.

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