Jalapeno Pepper Flakes


Jalapeño is one of America's favorite peppers. It has bold flavors but a heat level almost anyone can enjoy. Our jalapeños are grown in Yucatan Peninsula of Eastern Mexico, they are carefully dried at the peak of freshness, and crushed into our delicious jalapeño flakes.

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Add just one tablespoon to other ingredients to make three cups of great-tasting salsa. Add a dash to your favorite cornbread recipe for an authentic Southwestern taste. Our jalapeño flakes are wonderful on chili, pizza, and pasta to add flavor and heat that everyone will enjoy.

Ditch the boring red pepper flakes you've been putting on everything and add the power of Sonoran Spice Jalapeño Flakes to liven up your next meal.

Heat Level 5,000 SHU

Sonoran Spice Mild Heat

Why buy from us?

  • Premium quality non-smoked Jalapeño Powder, you will taste the difference.
  • Lightning-fast shipping time, we will ship your order in under 2 business days. Most orders ship the same day or the very next business day.
  • Gluten-Free, 100% pure, no additives. 

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