Chili Sauce

What is Chili Sauce? Chili Sauce is a blend of peppers with other ingredients to create a sauce distinct to a specific region. Worldwide there are many chili sauces. Before we explore each region where a sauce may come from lets at least define the many ways to describe peppers.

Is it chili, chile pepper or chilli pepper??

That all depends on where the pepper is grown. Commonly the names are used interchangeably in many cultures and in North America, chili can describe not only a pepper but also a chili sauce that is mixed with fresh vegetables, spices, and sometime beans and meats.

Let's just assume for the sake of this article that chili refers to all peppers that are hot. That being the case, lets talk about the significant regions where chili sauces can come from.

- Asian
- Mexican
- North American Style Louisiana

Nam Prik Pao
Sriracha sauce
Mongo Asian Hot Sauce


<strong>North American Style Louisiana</strong>
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Frank's Red Hot