32 Fl Oz Empty Plastic Spice Jars - 12 Pack

A package of 12 Empty - 32 Fl Oz Clear PET Plastic Spice Jars.

These plastic spice jars are ideal for herbs, spices, crafts, bathroom supplies, school projects, storing liquids, and more. Organize your kitchen and spice rack with great looking and reusable spice jars.

Break down large spice amounts into smaller bottles to gift to friends and family. Perfect for taking spice on the go! 

Made from FDA food-grade approved PET plastic. The bottles are strong a durable and crystal clear. Each bottle comes with an induction heat seal (sealer not included). The seal inside the cap can easily be removed if sealing is not required. 

These are the same high-quality bottles we use at Sonoran Spice! 

Product Features:

  • HIGH QUALITY - Made of FDA Food Grade approved PET plastic. Lightweight and crystal clear. 
  • EASY SHAKE - 7 hole wide shaker holes for flakes and powders.
  • SEALS - Use a Heat Induction Sealer to seal the bottle for customer safety. 
  • MULTIPURPOSE - Use the bottles not just for herbs and spices. Use it for art, crafts and for storing just about anything. 
  • SIZE - Height: 7", Length: 3.25", Width: 3.75"

Note: Bottle manufacturers use fluid oz to measure bottle sizes. Sonoran Spice uses this bottle size to fill 1 lb of powder and 8 oz of flake products.

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