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Carolina Reaper Pebbles Candy

Sweet yet spicy. And we mean really, really spicy! Infused with the world's hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, these candies taste even better than they sound.

Remember not to touch your eyes and have a glass of milk ready when you're eating these fiery pebbles. But have no fear, give them a try! After all... it's just candy.

Each tube is 6 inches long and holds 2 oz of Carolina Reaper infused candies inside.

Additional Info
Want to learn more about Carolina Reaper Peppers? Be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to the Carolina Reaper Pepper on our new blog.

The Ultimate Guide to the Carolina Reaper Pepper - Sonoran Spice

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Carolina Reaper Pebbles Candy

Really don’t know how it taste all I can say I bought it for for some one as a gift and they liked it 👍🏼👍🏼


I pour these candies down and the spice kicks off immediately. They remind me of nerds on fire.


Tasty and HOT!


There was no experience, just hot candy. I made a video for on my YouTube channel, I don't have a link for it. I'm merely just filling this out as a formality. Expect very info for the hot sauce I got from y'all too. I don't have much to say. I mean they're hot but not higher than a 6/10. I'd try your other candy but I lost my job recently and I can't commit to buying anything new for awhile. Maybe next year I can commit better to it. But I was disappointed somewhat still.


Great Candies and as hot as I expected them to be which makes for lots of fun with friends. i would recommend Sonoran products to everyone who enjoys a little burn in their life:)


Talk about HOT!!! Great little nerd-like candies packed with the hottest of heat. If you need a quick "wake me up" remedy, look no further...These candies are guaranteed to wake every nerve in the sensory department of your brain and then some.

In short, if you like candy and you like heat that'll knock most people off their feet, I highly recommend this product.


All I can say is it's hot as fuck


My dad tried ONE candy and lost his mind. He couldn't even finish the 1 candy!!! My friends love the spice and the flavor. Great product exactly as advertised.


Just a small cap full and the experience is unforgettable. This is some super hot candy. Some coworkers tried this and they didn’t keep it in their mouth but a couple of minutes. It was hilarious !!


Very very very formidable candy. Absolutely loved it! (well a few of my friends hated it.. but that just added to the entertainment!). Absolutely recommend. The only issue is how they taste.... amazing. They blow nerds out of the water, the unfortunate part is you can't binge on them as you may die.