Carolina Reaper Seeds 100 Count

The Carolina Reaper is the world's hottest chili pepper. It averages 1,569,300 on the Scoville scale with peak levels of over 2,200,000 Scoville Heat Units.

At first glance you'll immediately notice it has a very striking tail, with a very rough skin. Cut it open and you notice the wonderful cherry smell. Pop one in your mouth and instantly you feel the overwhelming intense burn. It's so hot, beyond unbearable. Drink anything other than milk based products and the pain will just spread. Even with milk, there really is no cure. It hits the roof of your mouth first then the back of your throat making you cough. It's taste is very sweet. Probably one of the sweetest peppers we have ever tasted, it's wonderful, and if you love pain it delivers in spades. Your initial reaction is more than likely going to be one of intense regret. But hey, you just ate the hottest pepper the world has to offer, there is no turning back now. As the pain builds, so does your endorphin production. Sweat will pour off your face, your eyes will tear uncontrollably. You can now feel it burning deep within your stomach. The numbness you will feel is akin to what you would feel like after running a marathon. Pure pleasure and one of the best natural highs one can achieve!

Simply take the seeds and soak in paper towel for a few days until they sprout. Plant the seedling in fertile soil with plenty of moisture and direct sunlight. In just 160 days you'll have plants up to 3 feet tall that can produce dozens and dozens of delicious ripe Carolina Reaper Peppers that you can enjoy in all of your favorite dishes!

You will receive 100 premium seeds per jar, sealed in a clear stand up pouch. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Growing Tips:

Where do you live? What is the average temperature where they are growing? Have you checked the soil acidity? Are they in direct sunlight for most of the day?

These are all very important variables when trying to grow the hottest peppers in the world.

We have hundreds of plants growing from the very same seeds you can purchase here but the plants need to be kept warm and the soil acidity level above 6.5.

You can purchase a soil test kit at any Home Depot or Loews to check the level. Also, it is important not to water the plants too much and make sure the soil is not only kept warm but can drain well. A good solution to that is blending the soil with some sand to help the drainage.

Also, when sprouting them, it's good to make sure they are kept warm in a dark place. We use 2 methods.

1) An Aerogarden.

2) We take shallow pans, add 2 layers of paper towels to the bottom and make sure they are moist but not drowning is water. Then we add the seeds, and add 1 sheet of paper towels on top. It usually takes 14-30 days for them to sprout using this method and you will need to check the tray each day to make sure the paper towels are kept moist. We use a seed warming plate to keep them above 80 degrees but most people just place the tray on top of their fridge where it is warm.

Another method that works, but we no longer use it, is to purchase a seed growing kit from Home Depot. These have a little plastic tray that goes on top that will keep the humidity up on the seeds and allow them to germinate more quickly. It is a sort of mini greenhouse. It's best to just keep these inside your home in a dark room until they sprout so that the temperature is not affected by the evening chill.

Once the seeds sprout, you should wait until 2 tiny leaves appear before transplanting them into soil.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Good luck and happy growing!

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