Chocolate Apocalypse Seeds

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The Chocolate Apocalypse pepper is a brown variant of the Apocalypse Red or Apocalypse Scorpion. They are a somewhat rare pepper and are much hotter than their red relative. These peppers mature into a dark brown (chocolate) color and have rather bumpy skin, almost pimpled. 

Additional Info
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew P.
Quick sprouting

Sprouted within a week of planting. Nearly 100% germination rate. Growing strong!!

George E.

good service

Yogi L.

Now that’s how you pack up seeds, I can’t wait to germinate them. Next summers yields will be all super hots!!!!

Sanjay S.
No germination

I potted 5 chocolate apocalypse seeds 3 weeks ago and none germinated. I potted Carolina reaper 4/5 germinate. Trinidad scorpion 5/5. Death spiral red 5/5 .

Luke W.
None of my seeds are sprouting.

I’ve been germinating the seeds I bought from you for over 16 days in a warm/controlled environment and none of them have sprouted. Buying from you was a complete waste of money.