Pepper B Seeds

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This pepper is believed to be the next hottest pepper on the planet. The Pepper "B" matures from green to a mustard/light green in color. These are nasty-looking peppers that are burning hot! Give them a try and let us know what you think. Are these really the next world's hottest pepper? 

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Customer Reviews

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James H.
Seeds started 5/17/01

I received my seeds expertly packaged and waited until 05/17/2021 to start them. So far nothing to report. On a side note, I received White Ghost Pepper seeds in the same order and started them along with the Pepper B seeds. The Ghost seeds are started in our horse manure composted garden soil and the Pepper B's are started in Miracle-Gro Seed Starting mix. Ghosts are coming along nicely with their sprouting. B's are still waiting to be seen. Wish I could purchase Pepper B plants... 😊

Leslie H.

Pepper B Seeds

Heriberto L.
Well packaged

Really like the packaging and the way seeds are in jar I can't wait to see how spicy these are

Travis B.

Packaging is fantasy. Seeds look like quality seeds. Can't wait to germinate and see what they can do

Jeremiah G.

All of the seeds were duds