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Puckerbutt Pepper X Gator Hot Sauce

Gator's all riled up and needing someone to taste his latest culinary adventure. You will love the heat of this razor-sharp pepper sauce adrenaline explosion and the flavor will chomp your socks off. Try it. Yes. You.

WARNING: The pepper in this sauce is an experimental pepper and is a current contender for the world's hottest pepper title. It was created by Ed Currie, the inventor of the Carolina Reaper. You have been warned. 

Details:  5 fl oz glass bottle of pure hell. 

WARNING: This product contains Pepper X. A new contender for the title World' Hottest Pepper.

Pepper X Pepper Mash (Chile Peppers and Vinegar), Yellow Super Hot Pepper Mash (Chile Peppers, and Vinegar), Distilled Vinegar, Pepper Powder. 

Extra Hot