Saffron Threads Indian Kashmiri Saffron

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Our Indian Kashmiri Kesar Saffron (Crocus Sativus) is 100% pure Category 1, Select Grade quality, and is free of any dyes. Our saffron is grown in the Kashmir region of Northern India. 

Our pure Indian Kashmiri Saffron threads come from the dried stigmas of the flowers Crocus Sativus Linnaeus, more popularly known as the Saffron Rose. It has a wonderful aroma, and lovely flavor, just a small amount is needed to add deep color and flavor to any dish.

Saffron Rose - Sonoran Spice

Each thread is handpicked from the crocus flower and each flower only yields 3 threads. Just to produce one gram of our saffron it takes over 400 threads. You'll notice how soft and fresh our saffron is compared to other brands as we harvest the saffron by hand in very small batches at a time. This harvesting is done at dawn as soon as the flower opens to protect it from the sun, ensuring the threads are not brittle to the touch. Each thread has a deep red color and the threads are much longer than most of the other saffron you'll find in the USA today.

Harvesting Saffron - Sonoran Spice

Our Indian Kashmiri Saffron comes in a small spice jar with a twist-off cap. Store our saffron in a cool, dry place to ensure maximum shelf life. Do not refrigerate and keep away from direct sunlight.

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