Wholesale Habanero Guajillo Vegetable, Steak and Chicken Seasoning


Just a few simple ingredients will make our new Habanero Guajillo Grill Seasoning one of your favorite go-to spices for almost every meal. It is hot, as it is made from fresh habanero and guajillo peppers, but not so hot the citrus flavors are overwhelmed. 

What is different about this grill seasoning compared to our Habanero Grill Seasoning is the addition of the guajillo pepper. It adds a nice smoky flavor that makes this grill seasoning a perfect match to use as a rub to flavor all types of meats, especially chicken. Additionally, it pairs nicely in salsa for tamales or in a sauce for Carne Adovada.

Its smoky citrus flavor pairs perfectly with beef and chicken whether you are looking to grill or bake. Add a dash to eggs and potatoes to make your morning bright with flavor and heat. Or just use it as a table seasoning to add a kick of spicy habanero with a great lemon smoky flavor. It makes every meal great! 

Ingredients: Salt, Spices, Citric Acid, Lemon, Habanero Peppers, Guajillo Peppers. 

Scoville Heat Units: 95,000
Additional Info
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