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Angry Goat Co. Goat Rider Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Crafted for the wild spirits and road warriors who crave flavor-packed adventures, Goat Rider Hot Sauce puts taste at the forefront, delivering a slow burn as an added thrill. Our blend starts with the richness of balsamic vinegar and Vermont maple syrup, intertwining with garlic and cayenne peppers to craft a distinctively savory yet subtly sweet concoction. For an extra kick, we throw in a hint of ghost peppers, revving up the horsepower to fuel your culinary escapades.

Dare to drizzle this sauce on wings, pizza, eggs, fried rice, steak tips, or even use it as a bold salad dressing. Whether you're igniting your palate on the open road or spicing up a cozy night in, this flavorful companion promises to elevate every bite with a tantalizing mix of heat and sweetness.

Additional Details:
Size: 5 fl oz glass bottle
Pepper: Cayenne, Ghost Pepper

Balsamic Vinegar (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, caramel color), Cayenne Pepper Mash (cayenne peppers, salt), Vermont Maple Syrup, Roasted Red Pepper (roasted red bell peppers, water, citric acid & salt), Molasses, Garlic Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ghost Pepper Mash (ghost peppers, distilled vinegar), Smoked Paprika, Ghost Pepper Powder.