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Cayenne Pepper

Looking to add some spice to your dishes? Look no further than our collection of cayenne pepper products. Known for its fiery flavor and vibrant red color, cayenne pepper is a must-have ingredient for any kitchen. Check out our other exciting chili pepper collections, such as habanero and our Carolina reaper, for even more heat-packed options.

Shop Our Cayenne Pepper Product Range

Buy cayenne pepper products such as cayenne pepper powder and cayenne pepper hot sauces, we have everything you need to add a kick to your favorite recipes. Explore our collection today and discover the endless possibilities of cayenne pepper in your cooking. The Cayenne pepper is native to South America but was brought to Europe by Columbus in the 1400s. Today, many of these peppers still grow in South America, although you can commonly find them in India, Mexico, parts of Africa, and the United States. Whilst not as hot as the Carolina reaper, it still has its place in cooking spicy foods. 

Cayenne Pepper Scoville

Our cayenne pepper powder rates at 50,000-90,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) on the Scoville Heat Scale making it a medium to hot pepper. Many people consider the cayenne to be the perfect balance between hot and super-hot. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular peppers. Although this pepper comes from South America, it’s also a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine. If you enjoy hot red pepper flakes, you’ve probably been eating flakes from the cayenne pepper without even knowing it. So why not buy some of our cayenne pepper powder today