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Rocoto Pepper

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At first glance, a Rocoto pepper may appear to be a bell pepper, however, it is much smaller in size. These spicy peppers are usually the size of a golf ball and may range from orange, red, and yellow in color.

Originating in South America, the Rocoto pepper is one of the oldest domesticated peppers, having been cultivated for thousands of years. This pepper is a key ingredient in many Peruvian and Bolivian dishes and should be treated with caution due to its fiery flavor!

Rocoto Pepper Scoville

The Rocoto pepper can get pretty scorching hot, but it can vary widely on the Scoville Scale—anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 Scoville Heat Units. This makes some Rocoto peppers on par with the habanero in terms of heat. In spite of its intense heat, the Rocoto has also been called sweet and fruity.