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Spicy Candy Variety Packs

Looking for a fiery treat that will tantalize your taste buds? Look no further than our collection of spicy candies - which you can now get in variety packs! From tongue-tingling Pebbles, to bold and intense flavors, spicy brittle, we have a wide variety of spicy candies to satisfy your cravings. Why not chek-out our other collections for more delicious treats that will leave you wanting more, like the  Carolina reaper, the habanero and the  ghost pepper, for even more heat-packed options. Or try the Pepper X, the worlds hottest pepper if you're adventurous!

Shop Our Range Spicy Candies & Spicy Treats

Spicy Candies made from our pure hot spices, they are a spicy and sweet combination you will love at first bite.

Spicy Hot Blocks Hard Candy Cubes

The spicy hot block is a sweet and sour hard candy cube with a very powerful kick. Each hot block is packed with flavor and a scorching amount of heat. Shop our bulk pack of spicy hot block candy today!

Spicy Gumballs

Super spicy and delicious gumballs coated with a super sweet, slightly sour & extremely spicy coating. Perfect for pranking your friends and coworkers. Try all 5 of our delicious heat levels and see if you can handle the heat.

Spicy Brittle candy

Looking for the perfect sweet and spicy treat? Look no further than our spicy peanut brittles. Made from simple ingredients it looks and tastes just as fresh as if you made it in your own kitchen. Each packet comes with 2 large brittle pieces packed with heat and flavor.  

Spicy Pebble Candy

Remember nerd candies? Well spicy pebbles are very similar but they are super spicy as well. Each super hot pebble is packed with so much scorching heat you'll be amazed how one tiny little sweet and spicy candy can pack such a punch.