Sonoran Spice Carolina Reaper Challenge

Are you ready to take on the Carolina Reaper?

If so, we have a challenge for you! Simply purchase any size of our Carolina Reaper Peppers starting at only $7.95. Submit a video of yourself opening the package and eating one of the peppers without drinking or eating anything else for 2 minutes.

Alternatively, you can try the challenge by eating a big handful of our Carolina Reaper Pebbles or one Carolina Reaper Gumball.

If you survive, fill out the form below and post your video to social media with the hashtag #sonoranspicereaperchallenge and we’ll send you a free t-shirt and Sonoran Spice drink koozie (while supplies last).

If you see this page, we still have free shirts and koozies available. Offer only valid in the USA. Free shipping on winning t-shirts.

Contest Rules

(Read Carefully!)

In order to receive a FREE Sonoran Spice Carolina Reaper Challenge T-Shirt and koozie, you must follow all of the following rules.

1. Introduce yourself in the video and display the unopened bag of peppers, gumball tube or bag, hot blocks tube, or tube of Pebbles.

2. Open the bag/tube on camera and say, “This is the Sonoran Spice Carolina Reaper Challenge!

3. Eat 1 Carolina Reaper pepper, 1 gumball, 2 Carolina Reaper Hotblocks, or 1 BIGhandful of Carolina Reaper Pebbles and start a clock for 2 minutes. Do not drink or eat anything for the entire 2 minutes.

4. Swallow the peppers/pebbles/hotblocks and describe the experience. You don't have to swallow the gum.

5. Post your video on any social media site that is not private or even better upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.

6. Come back to this page and fill out the form above. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER!

7. If you followed the rules, a FREE t-shirt will arrive at your door in about 7 business days. You will not have to pay for shipping on the FREE shirt and koozie. These shirts are super comfortable, these are not heavyweight cotton t-shirts. These are amazingly soft. The color is graphite as seen above. The koozie is red with white lettering as shown above.

Offer valid while supplies last. We have 130 shirts in sizes. M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL. Be sure to list the size you want on the form. As we run out of sizes we will update this page. We will do everything we can to get you the size you request but we can’t guarantee especially as we run out so enter soon!

By submitting a video to us, you agree to allow us to use your video on this page, other marketing on our website, and on social media.

Limit ONE T-shirt per Carolina Reaper Pepper Challenge order.


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