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reaper peppers

o wow those look very nice. but i am a little nervous to eat one. i think i am going to grind one up just to be safe. thank you for the greatest hottest peppers in the world. thank you for the fast shipping.

As always Hot! Hot! Hot

I pour the entire pound in my kettle and smoke it in hickory to giv it some extra Smokey flavor. Then use it in Mexican chili oil. It’s off the hook hot… but so good 😊

Superb products!

As I developed recipes for a new product line, it was important to stay true to our motto of using the freshest & best tasting ingredients we could find. Sonoran Spice Company meets and surpasses our standards! We wish they carried the other 70 spices we use in our products!

The heat is on

Best pepper flavor and heat hands down. A little goes a long way.

Hot Lips

i make a lot of hot sauce and add different superhots to achieve the sauce i like and so i added the birds eye chili pepper and my lips stayed hot for 10 minutes, very tasty pepper.

Excellent product + Quick Shipping

I ordered late at night and the order was sent out the next day which was awesome. The peppers are very hot as to be expected and go well with chili. I will be buying again!

Carolina Reaper Flakes

Love these flakes! I put them on everything I eat.

CaJohns Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce

Yes, this sauce is very hot, but it is equally very tasteful.

She chickened out

I bought them for a person that says it can't get to hot for her. Now she won't even try them

Great hot

I didn’t know dehydrated peppers were spicier but these are great


Excellent flavor, extreme heat, and concentrated in a powder. What’s not to like! Just go gentle on it, way too easy to get too much; but, soo worth it.

Great quiver

It’s nice to have a variety of sauces that aren’t too hot which enables you to taste the flavors they intend to provide.

Add Vietnamese Pho Bowls!

Try this to blow your mind - add a light shake or two of these Trinidad Scorpion flakes to "Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho Bowls" available from Cosco or Amazon. Also add 2x hard boiled eggs. These pepper flakes give it amazing heat and also the flavor pairing goes very well together. The eggs thicken it up a bit. You will not be disappointed!

reaper dust review

The Reaper powder was exactly what I expected. the delivery was prompt I will certainly be ordering from again. I may order the Ghost pepper powder next.

Great germination rate

Seeds sprouted totally pleased with
Every order.sonoran spice never disappoints.
Top company.thanks.

Fast sprouting

Anxious to try these.seeds sprouted fast.

Awesome gwrmination rate

Sprouted sooner than expected.have always had
Good experience with sonoran spice products.
Definitely recommend


Absolute heat and quality. You won’t be disappointed!

Good heat

Previously bought fresh peppera, dried and crushed them. But was running out and couldn't find any fresh peppers around so I bought these. The container was bigger than I was expecting. Most things labeled ghost pepper are usually very diluted, this definitely tastes like full ghost pepper. Sprinkle a little and you'll sweat, but the flavor of the pepper is much better than reaper or scorpion or lesser peppers. It's great in taco meat and on roasted broccoli.

Scorpion Peppers

The 3 Scorpion Peppers were the 1st 1s that shot right up, they grew just fine, no problems with them at all, they are strong & healthy. Thank you very much.

Ghost Pepper

I have 4 Ghost Peppers growing just fine, strong & healthy. Thank you very much, I am very glad you & your Business is around.

Yeah, they're hot, but they are also scrumptious

Grind them up and make your own shaker for that extra kick and flavor to foods like pizza, burgers, chicken, or anything that tastes like chicken. Hell, just put it on everything, even bacon! And delivery was WAY faster than I was expecting with follow up to make sure I got what I ordered. A++

Wow is an understatement

Wow is an understatement. These are the right spice I've been looking for that is on my level. Love them so much. I put on ask my dish. Wish they come in larger bottles.

I’m not sure why I needed these...

But my 17 year old is super stoked about them and the hot sauce he plans to make. So, thanks for the memories:) Shipping was quick and while I haven’t counted them looks about like 30.

No complaints here,very happy with my order. Guys are awesome.