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over dried

both beef jerky packs were very tasty but dried so much that it was like a piece of wood till it soaked awhile in your mouth

Order 2 items

Ordered 2 items of the same size and it's clear that the amount was the same on both, not very happy.

Green Chile dehydrated flakes

I recently purchased 1.5 lbs of the dehydrated green chili flakes and yee haw! My son and I are using it in our jerky, pepper sticks and summer sauge blends on our elk meat. Everyone always has the "Jalapeno" spice but not the green chile one. So we are excited! Not only that but I put it on everything (well almost) but it is yummy!

Great timing and product

Fast shipping and great communication!

Red Habanero Powder
Stewart Anderson


Got some kick to it

Pretty good sauce. I put it on a variety of things and it enhanced both the taste and the spice of what I was eating. Will most likely purchase more sting n linger products in the future.

Ghost Pepper Powder
Biniam Habtemariam

Ghost Pepper Powder

Pepper 5 pack

Nice variety and these guys aren't pulling any punches when it says the hot stuff has the heat. I'm the kind of person that when a recipe calls for a pinch of cayenne I put in a tablespoon. I made the mistake of putting some of the Carolina Reaper straight on my tongue. Bad mistake. Used in food it's not quite so deadly, but still use causion. All five spices were excellent!

Habanero Powder
Joe Pantano
By to sodium

I was looking for products that were clean and spicy. This was perfect and allowed me to cut out my most beloved super salty bottled hot sauces. I use habenero best I ever had and it is so good. Can't wait try other clean products.

Love these spices

First time ordering from Sonoran, and I will keep ordering! loved the carolina reaper, habanero, and ghost pepper seasonings!

Best spices by far

These Habanero flakes made my new BBQ sauce a hit, everyone loves the new flavor. Will only use the pepper flakes
Check the out at

Habanero Powder
William coleman
consistent quality

I'm happy

It is HOT!!

First, I am not an aficionado of the super hot sauce realm. My son and I tried this and a few others in a spirit of competitiveness. The Puckerbutt Pepper X Gator Hot Sauce was the hottest of them all and the last one we tried. Even though we had two sauces before above the 2 million Scoville scale estimate before we tried this one, the heat still came through. In this side by side comparison we were able to still taste the flavors. This sauce is all about the heat though. Some actually tasted better despite the heat. If you are looking for serious then heat give it a try.

Super spicy

I always thought I had a good spice tolerance, this really put me in my place. 10/10 would recommend

Carolina Reaper Peppers
Odilia Zamora
Great Product

The Carolina Reaper Peppers are spicy delicious! Of you like spicy, these are for you.

Carolina Reaper Powder
Aram Mirigian

It’s already been turned into a great sauce!

Best flakes ever!!

I love your Ghost Pepper flakes. Thank you!

Red Habanero Powder
Robert Heilman


CaJohns Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
Charlie Robertson

CaJohns Classic Small Batch Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Hot and spicy goodness

The perfect pepper flakes for my version of Hot and Spicy pork and rice

Very good!

It has a little less of a garlic flavor than I expected but overall it still tastes good with a sweet taste and a mild kick to it

Great Value

The habanero powder was good quality at a competitive price. Also, it was shipped promptly. We are very happy with this order.

Great chile seeds!

Great seeds. I have been growing chile seeds for years. By far the best & fast shipping. Can’t wait to plant on my season.

Theyeerrrrrrrr Great !!!

Exactly what I was looking for to make my spicy pickles and tamales. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

carolina reaper

am very pleased with my order.