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Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper Guide

Have you tried the Chocolate Bhutlah yet? It’s one of the latest peppers to draw attention due to its extreme heat! With its intriguing name and its super-high Scoville rating, it’s quickly gaining a reputation. If you’re curious to learn more about this chili, keep reading!

The Heat Behind the Pepper

The Chocolate Bhutlah is hot—super hot. Over 2 million Scoville heat units hot! Right now, the Carolina Reaper holds the world record for the hottest pepper in the world at 2.2 million SHU. However, it’s possible that this spicy pepper will eventually overtake the reaper for the title of the world’s hottest pepper. 

In order to qualify for the top spot on the list, a pepper must be stable for several generations. That means growers will need to continue breeding and testing this pepper for a few generations to come. But even if the Reaper holds its title, there’s no denying that the Chocolate Bhutlah is incredibly hot.

World's Hottest Peppers: Scoville Scale


Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper

The Chocolate Bhutlah tastes smoky, yet fruity and floral at the same time. Some people would describe these peppers as having a nutty and even almost chocolatey flavor. However, it’s important to note that the pepper is named “Chocolate” because of its color, not its flavor. There’s an earthy taste to it that is common in chocolate peppers such as the chocolate habanero. Though you might not be able to taste that flavor with all the heat! Unlike some peppers where the heat builds, the heat in the Chocolate Bhutlah is quickly evident.


The first Chocolate Bhutlah was grown by Chad Soleski in Wisconsin. He crossed a Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper) with a 7 Pot Douglah to produce this spicy delight. The name of this pepper is a combination of the two peppers it comes from: “Bhut” and “Douglah.” It’s no wonder that the Chocolate Bhutlah is so hot when it’s a cross between two super-hot peppers!

The original Bhutlah was red, but later, chocolate-colored varieties were produced, and the pepper got its name. People started taking notice of the Chocolate Bhutlah when a man named Ted Barrus ate a large one of these peppers in a video review.

How to Recognize the Choclate Bhutlah

True to its name the Chocolate Bhutlah has a chocolatey brown color that is unusual in the hot pepper world. Its skin is bumpy. These peppers are wider than the Ghost and Naga peppers, but the pod is also long. 

While they grow, these peppers turn from green to brown. The signature taste is only obvious once these peppers are fully mature. The Chocolate Bhutlah plants grow about four feet tall.

Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper appearance

Different Variations

Although the Chocolate Bhutlah has become famous for bringing the heat, there are other “Bhutlah” varieties of chilies. The original Bhutlah was red. This version has become known as the Bhutlah Red OG. At first glance, you might think this variety of pepper looks like a Naga chili. It also tastes a lot like a ghost pepper.

There’s also the Bhutlah Red Large variety of this pepper. It’s closely associated with the original strain of the Bhutlah pepper. But, like you’d expect, it’s a larger pepper. The flavor profile and appearance are very similar to the Bhutlah Red OG.

Red Bhutlah

Again, the main difference is just the size of the peppers themselves. The plants tend to be the same size, usually measuring over four feet tall. Because this variety of the pepper is larger, it has more chili oil. This could mean these peppers are hotter.

Cooking with the Chocolate Bhutlah

The Chocolate Bhutlah is used for many of these same things as other hot chilies. It makes great hot sauces and salsas. It’s also a fantastic addition to soups and stews that could use a little extra kick.

Of course, if you’re cooking with the Chocolate Bhutlah, please remember just how potent (and spicy!) it is. If it’s your first time experimenting with it, start with a very minimal amount and gradually work your way up from there. If you aren’t careful, it will end up making your entire mouth numb.


Wok with chili peppers and chicken

How Eating Chocolate Bhutlah Can Impact Your Health

Because of the incredibly high heat of the Chocolate Bhutlah, some people are scared to eat them. But a Chocolate Bhutlah most likely won’t harm your health. In fact, it can actually benefit your health!

All hot peppers contain capsaicin, which is responsible for giving the pepper the hot flavor. When you consume a hot pepper, the capsaicin triggers the receptors in your taste buds that detect temperature. These receptors send signals to your brain, which makes you aware of the spicy heat.

The more capsaicin in a pepper, the hotter it is. But your mouth isn’t actually burning when you’re consuming a hot pepper. It just feels like it is, for ways to reduce pepper heat click here

Capsaicin chemical breakdown

Some people believe the myth that hot peppers can damage the tongue or the esophagus. But these two ideas are just that: myths. As long as you aren’t eating the peppers whole, it’s very unlikely that it will cause you any harm. If you’re a person who is prone to developing ulcers or acid reflux, you should be more cautious about consuming hot peppers.

One of the best benefits of hot peppers is that they can boost your metabolism, which will help you lose weight. Because hot peppers can also decrease appetite, they are considered one of the ultimate foods to incorporate into your diet.

It’s not just weight loss benefits that hot peppers offer. They can also help clear your sinuses and decrease pain. There is even some evidence that eating hot peppers could prolong your lifespan!

Get Ahead of the Trend

Want to try what could be the future number one spot-holder on the world’s hottest pepper list? Give the Chocolate Bhutlah a try! This pepper may be the perfect addition to some of your favorite spicy recipes. If this pepper officially becomes the world’s hottest pepper, you’ll know that you were ahead of the times with the next big thing in the chili world.

Google Trend report on Chocolate Bhutlah Peppers

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