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15 Grilling & BBQ Blogs to Follow


15 Grilling & BBQ Blogs to Follow

With grilling season in full swing, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting BBQ and grilling recipes and techniques to pair with our seasonings and extreme hot sauces. The following 15 BBQ blogs and grilling influencers will keep you busy with your grill all summer long.

1. Blog Name:Grill This Smoke That

Person Behind The Scenes: Benton Palmer


Top Social Media:You can follow Benton on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTokwhere he has over 278,000 followers.

About:Benton shares his passion for grilling and smoking on his popular TikTok channel where he aims to teach others the joy of grilling outdoors. As a teacher by trade, his TikTok videos are informative and easy to follow and include videos on everything from baguette pizzas to flat iron steaks. As TikTok is known for its short video format, Benton’s videos are quick and to the point, although you can check out some of his longer videos on his YouTube channel.

Benton’s TikTok account includes tips and tricks for how to use, cook and clean his preferred grills, the Big Green Egg and the Blackstone PitBoss grill. He also shares the best grilling accessories he has found to help improve your grilling experience.

His videos are very versatile and often include minor appearances from his family members. Benton’s videos for Prime rib and Hibachi are popular with many viewers commenting on his videos and asking for recommendations.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Many of Benton’s videos reach views over 100K however his most popular video for Cinnamon Rolls on the Blackstone grill has reached over 6.8 million views.


2. Blog Name:Extraordinary BBQ

Extraordinary BBQ

Person Behind The Scenes: Kevin Haberberger

Website: https://www.extraordinarybbq.com/

Top Social Media:You can follow Kevin on YouTube where he shares some of the videos from his blog.

About:Kevin caught the BBQ bug early on when he began helping his dad with the grill, which then led on to his first job as a grill boy at Grant Farm, where he spent his summer manning a giant steel grill, cooking burgers, chicken, and hotdogs in the St. Louis heat.

Kevin began his blog to share his knowledge and passion for BBQ and to help teach beginners the best way to grill. Extraordinary BBQ not only has some brilliant recipes to follow, but also lots of great information about how to start your grilling adventure.

Kevin often develops recipes with his cousin Tim, who is equally as passionate about barbeque. Recipes on the blog include award-winning BBQ sauce, and a complete guide to cooking burgers, and recipes.

Kevin is also a competitive BBQ and has come in 2nd at the Memphis World Championship BBQ cooking competition.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Kevin and his cousin Tim’s recipe for baby-back ribs is a championship winner, and shares some valuable tips for making the juiciest ribs.


3. Blog Name:Grillin’ Fools

The Grilling Fools

Person Behind The Scenes: Scott Thomas, Greg Thomas, and Tom Jones

Website: https://grillinfools.com

Top Social Media:You can follow Grillin’ Fools on Instagram where they have over 7000 followers.

About:Grilling Fools is run by the trio Scott, Greg, and Tom, who are three guys who live in St. Louis and have a passion for cooking outside on the grill. Their blog was started by Scott who is a husband and father and runs a digital marketing agency as his day job. He is dubbed the ‘Original Grillin’ Fool’ and is known to try anything on the grill from melon to brisket, but his favorite thing to grill is a whole hog.

Grillin’ Fools are committed to teaching others how to grill with easy step by steps and their recipes are interesting and unique. Their recipe for Beef Tallow Brisket looks tasty and there is plenty of information on each recipe about how to make it and how they developed it. Alongside some brilliant recipes, the blog includes information on different methods of grilling from indirect to smoking. There is even a section for deserts you can make on the grill such as Grilled Banana Split.

The Grillin’ Fools have been featured in many publications such as Feast Magazine and have appeared on local tv in St. Louis.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: The Grillin’ Fools is bursting with exciting grilling recipes and they have a great range of different rib recipes. Their recipe for Peach Sweet Ribs looks delicious.


4. Blog Name: Grill Girl


Person Behind The Scenes: Robyn Lindars

Website: https://grillgirl.com/

Top Social Media:You can follow Grill Girl on Youtube, and Instagramwhere she has over 57K followers.

About:Robyn began Grill Girl in 2008 to document her love for grilling on everything from grills to campfires. She follows a paleo, low-carb diet so her blog is full of recipes for veggies and grilled meat. Robyn lives in Fort Myers, FL with her husband, son, and two dogs, where she follows her passion for grilling and smoking.

Robyn’s YouTube channel is a great resource for grilling recipes, where she also has a ‘Grill School’ thread, full of videos dedicated to helping beginners, especially other women to get cooking outside. Her blog is easy to navigate with brilliant recipes, organized by meat type, occasion, type of grill, and diet.

Robyn also has an attractive section titled ‘Exotic Meats’ where she shares recipes for Whole smoked alligator, Bison burgers, and Iguana tacos.

Robyn also has a published cookbook, The Healthy Electric Smoker Cookbook, dedicated to recipes you can cook on an electric smoker.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Robyn has some brilliant recipes but her recipe for Beer Can Turkey cooked on her Big Green Egg smoker is her most popular recipe on Youtube with over 28K views.


5. Blog Name:The BBQ Buddha

The BBQ Buddha

Person Behind The Scenes: Chris Sussman

Website: https://thebbqbuddha.com

Top Social Media:You can follow Chris on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram where he has 129,000 followers.

About:Chris shares grilling recipes on his blog and YouTube channel using everything from charcoal to gas grills to commercial-grade smokers. He is passionate about teaching others how to grill and enjoys sharing his recipes and knowledge.

Chris makes many mouth-watering recipes on The Big Green egg grill, which is a multi-cooking style grill with the ability to grill, smoke, and even bake. His videos on how to cook on the Big Green Egg include Grilled Skirt Steak - a quick and easy, under-a-minute long recipe, and his Double Smoked Maple Bourbon Glazed Ham all look delicious.

Chris also has a book published titled The Four Fundamentals of Smoking.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Chris has some wonderful recipes on his blog, however the most popular recipe on his YouTube channel is Smoked Baby Back Ribs, cooked on the Big Green Egg.


6. Blog Name:Smoked BBQ Source

Smoked BBQ Source

Person Behind The Scenes: Joe Clements (founder)

Website: https://www.smokedbbqsource.com/

Top Social Media:You can follow the Smoked BBQ Source on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram where they have over 24,000 followers.

About: As a son of two vegetarians it is surprising that Joe began a blog about grilling meat, however in his own words he “craved meat from an early age”, and after leaving home he bought his first barbeque and his obsession with grilling began.

Since launching in 2016, the blog has grown considerably and now has an 8-member team of pitmasters and has become one of the biggest barbeque and grilling resources on the internet. The blog features barbeque advice, grilling guides and reviews and buying guides as well as recipes.

There are excellent resources on the blog for avid grillers, such as reviews on the Best Bluetooth Barbeque Thermometer, and How To Start A Charcoal Grill. They also have some enticing recipes such as the Coffee Crusted Ribeye.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Their most popular video on YouTube is a review for the 2nd Gen Weber Smokefire grill.


7. Blog Name:Mad Scientist BBQ

Mad Scientist

Person Behind The Scenes: Jeremy Yoder

Website: https://www.youtube.com/c/MadScientistBBQ

Top Social Media:You can follow Jeremy on Instagram and watch his videos on YouTubewhere he has over 400,000 followers.

About:Jeremy is based in Kentucky and as a former Biology and Chemistry teacher, it is no surprise that he has a love for science. On Jeremy’s YouTube channel he enjoys teaching people about the joys of barbequing and explaining the science behind many grilling techniques.

He has a great playlist on his YouTube channel titled Myth Busting, where he puts to the test many common barbeque myths and includes videos such as Do Water Pans Improve BBQ?, and The Best Way to Sear a Steak.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Jeremy is passionate about brisket, with 31 video recipes on his channel. His video How To Smoke Brisket has over 2.7 million views.


8. Blog Name:Girl Gone Grilling

Girl Gone Grilling

Person Behind The Scenes: Katherine Salom

Website: https://www.instagram.com/girlgonegrilling/

Top Social Media:You can follow Katherine on Instagram, and Youtube where she has 204,000 subscribers.

About:Based in Houston Texas, Katherine runs a popular food blog and shares her recipes for southern-style American comfort food. It is on her Instagram however, where she shares her passion for grilling, with recipe walk-throughs and reviews for grills and barbeques.

Katherine shares recipes for both meat and baked items such as pastry breakfast rings and mac and cheese cooked on the grill outside. She also has plenty of posts about different types of grills and barbeques and shows you how to use them in her Instagram reels, including information about her preferred type of grilling pellets.

You can also check out Katherine’s recipes on her blog where she also shares her passion for fishing. You can book a chartered fishing experience with Katherine along the coast of Texas here.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Here Instagram has many recipes for grills and smokers. Her video for smoked Texas redfish on the grill has over 141K views.


9. Blog Name:Grillin with Dad

Grilling with Dad

Person Behind The Scenes: Maciek

Website: https://grillinwithdad.com/

Top Social Media:You can follow Maciek on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, where he has over 1.2 million followers.

About:Maciek, originally from Poland, now lives in Illinois with his family, where he shares his easy-to-replicate recipes for grilling. His passion for all things grilling and barbeque took off when his wife bought him a Big Green Egg grill and he started his Instagram page, followed by his blog.

He can now be found on TikTok where he shares his short-form videos for grilling with his 1.2 million followers, including family-friendly recipes for Steak with the Kids and of course Polish Kielbasa. Maciek’s recipes and videos are interesting and fun to watch and there is a good dose of humor mixed in.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Maciek has many mouthwatering videos on his popular TikTok channel including this recipe for Hawaiian chicken thighs, which has over 3.1 million views.


10. Blog Name:Girl Carnivore

Girl Carnivore

Person Behind The Scenes: Kita Roberts

Website: https://girlcarnivore.com/

Top Social Media:You can follow Kita on Instagramand Facebookwhere she has 63,000 followers.

About:Kita, a professional photographer, launched Girl Carnivore in 2013 to share her obsession with cooking over an open fire, and some seriously mouthwatering food photos. Kita aims to inspire other people to enjoy the process of cooking and how simple it can be.

Her blog is bursting with recipes for the grill and barbeque, including specific sections for BBQ ribs and grilled steaks. She also shares easy recipes for cooking over a campfire and has some very delicious-looking recipes for sauces to accompany all those juicy barbequed meat dishes.

Kita has some brilliant recipes on her blog, however, it is her campfire recipes that stand out. Kita is an avid camper and has written for many camping and RVing websites. Her recipes for campfires include valuable tips on how to create the best type of fire for what you are cooking.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Kita has many wonderful recipes on her blog for barbecuing, and grilling. Her recipe for Campfire Grilled Tomahawk Steak looks insane.


11. Blog Name:Barbeque and Grilling Derrick Riches

Barbeque and Grilling Derrick Riches

Person Behind The Scenes: Derrick Riches (contributions from Sabrina Baksh)

Website: https://www.derrickriches.com/

Top Social Media:You can follow Derrick on Facebook, and Instagram where he has over 5000 followers.

About:Derrick has been writing about barbeque and grilling for over 25 years and has been quoted by various publications and websites such as The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and the LA Times. He is also a spokesperson for the Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque association. Sabrina is a photographer and cookbook author, she is also has written for various publications and is a recipe developer, copyeditor, and photographer for the blog.

Derrick’s blog is a place where he showcases his true passion for barbequing, including many recipes, however, it is also full of Derrick’s brilliant knowledge about different types of outdoor cooking. Derrick’s recipes are brimming with flavor and include key information for the best results, such as the best ground beef for burgers.

Derrick and Sabrina also have four cookbooks published about grilling or smoking, so you can be sure they know what they are talking about.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: There are so many wonderful-looking recipes on the blog, however this recipe for Smoked Brisket Burnt Ends looks great.


12. Blog Name:Chuds BBQ

Chuds BBQ

Person Behind The Scenes: Bradley Robinson

Website: https://www.chudsbbq.com/

Top Social Media:You can follow Bradley on Instagram and YouTube, where he has over 175K followers.

About:Based in Texas, Bradley is a BBQ cook and also a designer and builder of offset smokers and direct heat cookers. Trained as an audio engineer, Bradley’s BBQ journey started when he moved to Texas from New England and had his first taste of brisket.

Bradley’s YouTube channel is full of mouth-watering meaty recipes and lots of handy tips and tricks from 5 Tips for the best BBQ Rib to the Best Weber Kettle set-up. Bradley also shares videos about how he builds his offset smokers, however, if you would like to order one you’d have to join his waitlist on his blog.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Bradley’s popular YouTube channel is a BBQ lover's destination for recipes. Bradley’s video revealing the best Brisket secrets has over 1.4 million views.


13. Blog Name:Girls Can Grill

Girls Can Grill

Person Behind The Scenes: Christie Vanover

Website: https://girlscangrill.com

Top Social Media:You can follow Christie on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagramwhere she has 68.9K followers.

About:After traveling through Asia, Europe, and Central America, learning about different grilling methods, Christie launched her blog in 2015 as a way to encourage other women to get into grilling and barbequing. Since then, her blog has grown in popularity and Christie is now the pitmaster for the Kansas City Barbeque Society team - Girls Can Grill.

The blog includes equipment reviews, advising beginner grillers about the best cooker to buy, and 101 guides for the best grilling and BBQ results. There are some juicy-looking recipes organized by the type of food you’d like to cook and even information on how to design the perfect outdoor kitchen.

As Christie competes at BBQ competitions there is also a section on how to enter BBQ competitions and what the judges look for in her Competition BBQ section.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Christie is very popular on both TikTok and Instagram where her recipes and videos get thousands of views. Her video for Brisket-trimmed hot dogs has over 68k views.


14. Blog Name:Nibble Me This

Nibble Me This

Person Behind The Scenes: Chris Grove

Website: https://www.nibblemethis.com/

Top Social Media:You can follow Chris on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest where he has over 762K monthly views.

About:Like many others, Chris fell in love with barbeque at an early age, when he tasted his very first real barbequed food at his grandparent's in North Carolina. As an adult Chris spent his time researching all things barbeque, reading books, taking classes, and working with world-class barbeque competitors.

Chris started Nibble Me This to share his BBQ journey and his passion for outdoor cooking. His blog is a great resource for anyone starting their grilling and barbequing journey with helpful tips and advice and a long list of inspiring recipes.

Chris’s Pinterest account is also a great resource for searching through his many amazing recipes, many of which are cooked on his Kamodo smoker, and he also has a published cookbook titled The Kamondo Smoker Grill Cookbook.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Chris’s NibbleMe This Pinterest board has over 7000 followers and includes his recipe for Smash Burger Sliders.


15. Blog Name:Cooking-Outdoors


Person Behind The Scenes: Gary House

Website: https://cooking-outdoors.com/

Top Social Media:You can follow Gary on Facebook and YouTubewhere he has over 34,000 subscribers.

About:Cooking-Outdoors was launched in 2008 by Gary to share his love for cooking outdoors. His blog includes recipes and reviews on everything you need to know about grilling. From fire pits to Dutch ovens, Gary’s blog and YouTube channel have everything you need to know to start your obsession with barbecuing.

Gary’s recipes have a very refined edge with recipes such as Pecan Smoked Fresh Herb Crusted Prime Rib and Grilled Steak with Risotto on the grill. He also has some great recipes for sauce accompaniments on his blog. It is also quite clear that Gary loves cooking with a Dutch Oven, as there is a whole section dedicated to this method of outdoor cooking on his blog and numerous videos on his YouTube channel. Most Popular Recipe or Content: Gary’s popular YouTube channel is bursting with great grilling and barbequing ideas. His most popular video combines his love for the Dutch Oven with a recipe for World's Best Dutch Oven Ribs


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