Anchor Bar Honey BBQ Wing Sauce

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A special blend of select ingredients that delivers a sweet slightly spicy BBQ flavor, in each mouth-watering bite. BBQ is also great on Beef, Pork, ribs, and chicken. Try it on the grill tonight you will be happy you did.

It was developed and perfected by Frank & Teressa's Famous Anchor Bar restaurant in Buffalo, New York. In 2003, the restaurant was the recipient of the James Beard Foundation American Classic Restaurant Award. 

Directions for the perfect wings:
2-1/2 lbs Chicken Wings (12-16 whole wings)
1/2 cup Anchor Bar Wing Sauce
If preferred, split wing joint, pat dry. Deep fry at 350° for 10-15 minutes until completely cooked and crispy; drain.
Put in a bowl, add sauce and toss until wings are completely covered. Serve with Blue Cheese and celery.

Shake well before using -

Tomato Puree, Honey, Cayenne Pepper Sauce, Sugar, Vinegar, Molasses, Spices, Prepared Mustard, Natural Flavor, and Caramel Color.

12 fluid oz - the bottle is made of plastic.