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Habanero Pepper Flakes

Looking for a chile pepper that has the balance ratio of taste and heat? The habanero pepper is a perfect choice.
These peppers are one of the most popular in the world, mostly known for their great fruity taste while also having just the right amount of heat. They truly are the perfect pepper. Chose any recipe that calls for something spicy and they will fit in perfectly, whether they are chopped, dried, crushed into flakes, or powdered. 

Quick Facts:
Scoville Heat Units:
 250,000 - 350,000
Compared to Jalapeno Peppers: Up to 140 times hotter
Heat Level: Hot.
Taste: Sweet, tropical.

Popular Uses: Hot sauces, hot wings, salad dressings, cocktails and more. 

At roughly 300,000 Scoville Heat Units our habanero pepper flakes are fiery hot. Our fresh red habanero peppers are hand-picked in Mexico, cleaned, stems removed, oven-dried and crushed into dark red pepper flakes.  

Like all of our dried pepper products, they are 100% pure & all-natural.
It has a wonderful taste and aroma, sweet yet intensely spicy. 
    Additional Info
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    Habanero Pepper | Breaking Down the Popular Pepper with Extreme Heat

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