Underwood Ranches Sriracha Hot Sauce

The Sriracha Hot Sauce that started it all...

Underwood Ranches has been a leading grower of the red jalapeno peppers behind the American sriracha movement for more than 30 years. Peppers are their passion and the spice that powers this 150-year-old family farm.

The Underwood Ranches sriracha hot sauce is the perfect blend of tangy and spicy. It highlights the boldness of the peppers' flavor with fresh garlic and just enough salt, sugar, and vinegar added to deliver just a touch of tanginess. With every purchase of Underwood Farms Sriracha, you're supporting local farms.


Red Jalapeño, Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, and Garlic.

Suggested Pairings:
From our experience, we've seen sriracha put on just about everything!

Plastic Bottle with Squeeze Lid
Net Weight: 18 Oz

*No artificial colors or preservatives*

Medium Heat Level

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