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Underwood Ranches

Underwood Ranches Dragon Sriracha Hot Sauce

Underwood Ranches Dragon Sriracha Hot Sauce

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The Peppers that started it all...

Underwood Ranches has been a leading grower of the red jalapeno peppers behind the American sriracha movement for more than 30 years. Peppers are their passion and the spice that powers this 150-year-old family farm.

The Underwood Ranches sriracha hot sauce is the perfect blend of tangy and spicy. It highlights the boldness of the peppers' flavor with fresh garlic and just enough salt, sugar, and vinegar added to deliver just a touch of tanginess. 

This hot sauce is made from the same peppers that were once the backbone of the iconic Huy Fong Sriracha. Underwood Ranches, which supplied 95% of the peppers for Huy Fong until 2016, now uses their expertise to create their own line of sriracha and other delicious hot sauces. The result is a hot sauce with a richer flavor profile and a more vibrant color than its famous counterpart.

So, my chilihead friend, if you want to experience the Sriracha revolution, look no further than Underwood Ranches. It's the hot sauce that'll make you want to put it on everything from eggs to pizza to ice cream (hey, don't knock it 'til you try it). It's fire and ice and oh so delicious!

Suggested Pairings:
From our experience, we've seen Sriracha put on just about everything!

Plastic Bottle with Squeeze Lid
Net Weight: 18 Oz
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