World's Hottest Peppers 3 Pack

The Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, and Ghost Pepper are all at the top of the list when it comes to super hots, so of course, we had to get them all together in a nice little pack. These peppers are for the most extreme people who want to test their limits to the max. The Carolina Reaper is currently the official World's Hottest Pepper according to the Guinness Book of World Records, so use with caution because these suckers are HOT!

This pack contains:
This pack is the perfect gift for anybody who likes a little spice in their life... or a lot. Also, if you aren't sure how hot you can go and you would like to try all of these but don't want a huge amount, this pack is the one for you! Just a little taste of any of these peppers will set your tongue on fire so make sure to have a glass of milk nearby!

Customer Reviews

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Terri H.
Great pack

I made some great salsa with these. Plenty of heat but a great flavor. The bubble gum was a hit!

marybeth bunkowski

Haven't received order

Beth McIntyre
Still haven't received it

I still have not received my package.

Danielle Chesney

We grow our own hot peppers and then dry them out. Last year we started the plants too late in the summer and didn't get any fruit. These are perfect! There are a good amount of peppers on each bag. Nothing smashed or crumbled during shipping. Definitely recommend. The local grocery stores don't sell anything spicy enough for us. These peppers are nice and spicy with a nice tropical flavor.

Tri peppers

Always good will continue to order them for my sauce