7 Pot Brain Strain Pepper Flakes

Size: 1.3 Oz

On the Scoville Heat Scale, Brain Strain peppers have a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) range of 1,000,000 - 1,350,000 SHU.

To give you an idea of how hot the brain strain pepper is compared to other common peppers. A bell pepper has a SHU of 0 as it has no heat. A common jalapeño has a SHU of around 2,500 - 6,000 SHU. Whereas habanero peppers range anywhere from 100,000 to 350,000 SHU. 

These peppers are part of the 7 Pot pepper family. As such, it has a sweet, fruity, and smoky flavor. The volcanic heat hits the back of your throat instantly and lasts about 10 minutes. We can not stress enough how fruity this pepper is, it tastes wonderful.

What do the peppers look like?
7 Pot Brain Strain Peppers are large-sized peppers with a bright red appearance. They commonly feature evil-looking bumps on the outside. The placenta which surrounds the seeds is very fleshy and encompasses a large portion of the inside of the pepper.

The most pungent (spiciest) part of the pepper is in the inside placenta portion of the peppers, especially around the seeds. We highly recommend you have a milk product containing casein handy nearby and only try a small amount of the pepper flakes to get a feel for how hot it is. Casein in milk products acts as a detergent to help wash away the capsaicin in the peppers and ease the pain. Water will not help and acts only to spread the capsaicin. 

Growing Season:
Late February - Early November. 

Nutritional Value:
Chile peppers contain a high amount of vitamin C. Almost twice the number of citrus fruits.

Common Uses:
  • Insanity Wings
  • Mexican Dishes
  • Chili 
  • In restaurants that want the hottest heat levels, this would be 5 on and 1 - 5 scale. 
  • Add heat to any meal.
  • Super spicy dips
Why buy the flakes over the powder or whole peppers?
  • Adds vibrant color to a dish that is more visible as compared to the powder.
  • Works great in pizza and pasta meals. 
  • Cheaper to ship than whole peppers as there is less volume.
  • Less likely to get airborne compared to 7 Pot Brain Strain Powder which can cause extreme irritation when cooking and shaking out the powder. 
Why buy from us?
  • Premium quality non-smoked Brain Strain Pepper Flakes, you will taste the difference.
  • Lightning-fast shipping time, we will ship your order in under 2 business days. Most orders ship the same day or the very next business day.
  • Pure, no additives.
  • Ships in a high-quality spice jar with a sealed sifter flip top.

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