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Sonoran Spice

Hot Blocks Hard Candy 5 Pack

Hot Blocks Hard Candy 5 Pack

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Our new hot blocks will set your tongue on a sweet and spicy adventure. A hot block is a sweet and sour hard candy cube with a very powerful kick. Each hot block is packed with flavor and a scorching amount of heat. They make a great gift for any spicy loving friends and family in your life. 

Remember not to touch your eyes and have a glass of milk ready when you're eating these fiery blocks. But have no fear, give them a try! After all... it's just candy.

Each 5-pack contains 1 tube of each of the following:

Watermelon Carolina Reaper Hot Blocks

Carolina Reaper Hot Blocks

Peach Trinidad Scorpion Hot Blocks

Trinidad Scorpion Hot Blocks

Cherry Ghost Pepper Hot Blocks

Ghost Pepper Hot Blocks

Mango Habanero Hot Blocks

Habanero Hot Blocks

Lime Jalapeno Hot Blocks

Jalapeno Hot Blocks

Contains extremely hot peppers which will cause skin and eye irritation.

Not for Children - Choking Hazard

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