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Spicy Pebbles Candy Variety 5 Pack

Spicy Pebbles Candy Variety 5 Pack

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Introducing our newest flavors of pebble candies all in a 5-pack with our already famous Carolina Reaper Pebbles.

Now we add to the gauntlet our Trinidad Scorpion Pebbles and for the fearful our Jalapeno Pebbles.

Each 5-pack contains the following: 

Product Details:
Each tube is 6 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. Each vial is heat-sealed with a shrink-wrap band to prevent the cap.

If you dare, we offer a free super soft t-shirt for those that are up to take on our Carolina Reaper Challenge (while supplies last). You can find the details here:

Great for pranking your friends and family. It's just candy 😉

These are not meant for children. Do not touch your eyes or your face. We highly recommend for any of the pebbles from the habanero, Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion, and Carolina Reaper you wear gloves when touching them. Water makes the pain worse by spreading it more as Capsaicin is an oil.

If you get it on your skin simply wipe it away with a dry cloth. Milk products work wonders to ease the pain since they contain Casein. If you get the spices in your eyes, baby shampoo works wonders as it is a harmless detergent. The pain only lasts about 10 minutes without these measures.

Just remember you are a human and a mammal, you have specific pain receptors in you that alert you to the pain of capsaicin, birds do not have the same receptors, they do not even detect the heat. It is all in your mind and your receptors.

You can learn more about soothing the pain from hot peppers with our blog post 'Tips For Reducing the Hot Pepper Burn.'

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