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World's Hottest Peppers Sea Salt 5 Pack

World's Hottest Peppers Sea Salt 5 Pack

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Five of our spicy sea salts at one low price. With a wide variety of heat levels, you can keep everyone happy when adding spice to your favorite recipes. Start low with the 5,000 SHU Jalapeno Salt, next try the hot Habanero. Next, light your mouth on fire with our very spicy Ghost Pepper Sea Salt, then graduate to the intense Trinidad Scorpion Sea Salt and finally see if you can handle the world's hottest pepper in our Carolina Reaper Sea Salt. All five are made with 100% pure Atlantic Sea Salt and infused with our premium peppers. No additives, fillers, dyes or anything else.

They all have wonderful flavors and ship in plastic spice grinders with a removable cap so that you can take them anywhere you need the heat. 

Each 5 pack contains 1 of the following:
NOTE: You also have the option of making this a gift box by selecting the Gift Box Color option. For just $4.00 more, the set will be packaged in a high-quality gift box with red tissue paper. It makes a great gift!
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