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Red Habanero Peppers

Red Habanero Peppers

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If you’re a hot pepper enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with the habanero. As one of the oldest and most popular varieties of chilies, it’s a favorite among heat lovers. Habanero peppers come in a variety of colors, red, orange, white, pink, purple, and brown. Of all the colors, red and orange habanero peppers are the hottest. 

With a pleasant, crisp texture, they are also overflowing with flavor. Despite the extreme heat, you’ll also taste some sweetness with hints of floral and fruity notes when eating a habanero. They pair well with sweet fruits like mangos that help counter the habanero’s spice level.

You can find habaneros in hot sauces, marinades, salsas, jerk seasonings, and more. In Mexico, it’s common to find peppers in bottles of tequila or mescal to add an extra kick to drinks. Always be cautious when handling and cooking with them as the capsaicin, which makes pepper hot, in the peppers is an oil and can cause blistering to the skin. We highly suggest you use gloves.

Our red habanero peppers range from 300,000 to 350,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The higher the number of SHU, the hotter the pepper. This number indicates the number of times that chili oil from a specific pepper needed to be diluted with sugar water until they could no longer detect any heat. Wilbur Scoville invented this test over a hundred years ago. If you would like to learn more about the Scoville Scoville Scale be sure to check out our Complete Guide to the Scoville Scale by clicking here.

Wilber Scoville Inventor Scoville Heat Scale
Wilber Scoville

Although the burn is intense, you won’t experience it for very long. Generally, habanero chilies are grouped among the hottest chili pepper varieties, but it’s toward the bottom of that group. Several hot peppers measure double, triple, or more units on the Scoville scale. Red Savina is the hottest of all habanero peppers measuring 500,000 SHU. This plant originated in the United States. Frank Garcia grew the first-ever Red Savina in Walnut, California.

Studies have shown that spicy food lovers tend to live longer than those who avoid hot foods. So not only are habaneros delicious, but they are also extremely beneficial for your health. Packed full of Vitamin C your immune system powerhouse! You can get 100% of your daily intake from just one habanero—that’s more Vitamin C than you get from eating an orange! There’s also a healthy amount of Vitamin A.

You can easily rehydrate these dried red habanero peppers by submerging them in warm water for 20 minutes.

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