Bear Claw - Honey Butt Spice Seasoning and Rub


You'll Put This on Anything "Butt" Your Honey... well maybe...

Try this! A lightly sweet and mildly herbal blend of spices the whole den will enjoy. Use as a rub or seasoning on chicken, game hens, ribs, fish, or pork.

Mamma Bear's Favorite Recipe:
Cubed chicken breast cooked with olive oil and Honey Butt Spice. 
Add to a prepared Alfredo sauce, sprinkle a little more spice, and serve warmed. Add salt, pepper, mushrooms, or broccoli to taste. 

Ingredients: Sugar, salt, spices, Dehydrated Vegetables (onion, garlic, parsley, red bell pepper), molasses powder, paprika, oleoresin paprika, and silicon dioxide (to prevent caking).

4 oz (113g)

Heat Level Mild