Hot Peppers 5 Pack

Carolina Reaper peppers are the former official Guinness Book of World Records' World's Hottest Pepper with some individual peppers testing as high as 2,200,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Trinidad Scorpion peppers were the former record holder when it was tested in March 2011 where a lab measured one at 1,463,700 SHU. Prior to that Ghost Peppers were named the reigning champion in 2007 at 1,041,427 SHU.

This pepper pack is perfect for anyone looking for a wide variety of heat levels. Start with mild jalapeno peppers which have a Scoville rating of 5,000 to 8,500 SHU. Graduate to our hot habanero peppers at 300,000 - 350,000 SHU. Next climb the ladder to the world's hottest peppers Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, and finally Carolina Reaper.

As you try each pepper you will notice they have a wide variety of flavors. Habanero peppers have a sweet tropical flavor while the Ghost Peppers have a natural smoky flavor. Each pepper goes well with different dishes, take for example the tropical flavor of the habanero pairs well with other tropical fruits such as mangos and peaches. Which makes them perfect for combining them into salsas. Experiment with all the peppers and find what works best for you. Just keep in mind that as you get into the super-hot peppers, you should use much less than you would with the jalapeno and habanero peppers. If you are looking for recipe ideas we have recipes specific for each of these peppers over on our blog to give you some ideas on how to use them.

All of the peppers in this pack are oven-dried in commercial ovens to a specific temperature to remove at least 90% of their moisture content. They are all non-smoked. Store in a cool, dry, preferably dark place out of direct sunlight. Do not store in a refrigerator as this will add back moisture content. 

All of these peppers can be rehydrated by simply submerging them in warm water for 20 minutes. 

Included in each pack:
1 oz Jalapeno Peppers
1 oz Red Habanero Peppers
1 oz Ghost Peppers
1 oz Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper
1 oz Carolina Reaper Peppers

If you are looking for more information specific to each pepper or larger size click on the links above or check out our pepper guides in our blog