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Melinda's Ghost Pepper Buffalo Ranch Dipping Sauce

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Melinda's Hot Sauce


Why We Love Melinda's Buffalo Ranch Dipping Sauce

A Higher Degree of Flavor Anyone can make the next spiciest hot sauce. At Melinda’s, we pride ourselves on striking the perfect balance between heat and flavor. Melinda’s spicy ranch delivers signature spice without compromising on intense, fresh flavor. Get ready to set your mouth on flavor! Our Ghost Buffalo Ranch embodies our philosophy: a perfect balance of heat and flavor. Anyone can strike a match, but few can strike a balance. Each hot sauce is versatile and unique so you have a hot sauce to pair with every dish or cuisine! This delicious, gourmet hot sauce will take your favorite foods to the next level. Add some spiciness to your next veggie platter, or drizzle our ranch all over your next burger with fries. Melinda’s takes hot sauce to the next level by perfectly combining whole, fresh ingredients like the best peppers on the planet, real tropical fruits, fresh garlic, tomatoes, and much more to craft hot sauces with top-shelf flavor. This combination of premium ingredients creates gourmet hot sauces where heat and flavor are on equal footing. 

Melinda's Buffalo Ranch Ghost Pepper Dipping Sauce
Ghost Pepper Ranch Dipping Sauce Nutrition


Ingredients: Ghost Wing Pepper Sauce [Water, White Vinegar, Habanero Pepper Mash, Cayenne Pepper Mash, Carrot, Salt, Bhut Jolokia Pepper Mash, Canola Vegetable Oil, White Onion, Lime Juice, Garlic, Xanthan Gum, Natural Butter Flavor (Vegan)], Soybean Vegetable Oil, Water, White Vinegar, Milk Cream Mix (Milk Cream, Carrageenan), Pasteurized Liquid Egg Yolk, Sugar, Salt, Modified Starch, Spices (Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Ground Black Pepper), Citric Acid, Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate, Salt, Natamycin), Xanthan Gum, Rosemary Extract, Yeast Extract.