Pequin Pepper Flakes

Pequin Pepper Flakes

Size: 1.3 Oz

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NOTE: We are currently out of stock of the 1 lb size bottle. If you order the 1 lb size it will ship in two 8 oz containers.

Sonoran Spice's Pequin Flakes have a medium heat level ranging from 30.000-60,000 SHU. Pequin peppers are highly prized in Mexico, for their citrusy and nutty flavor. They have a heat level similar to Cayenne peppers. They are commonly used to make salsa, enchiladas, jellies, and more. 
Why buy from us?
  • Premium quality non-smoked pequin flakes, you will taste the difference.
  • Lightning-fast shipping time, we will ship your order in under 2 business days. Most orders ship the same day or the very next business day.
  • Gluten-Free, 100% pure, no additives. 

Our flakes are sold by weight as they are a commodity. Since they are pure we do not add fillers so how it looks in the bottle may be different than what is shown in the pictures as the density changes with each crop. FDA-approved plastic bottles are only manufactured to specific sizes (i.e. 8 fl oz, 16 fl oz, 32 fl oz) so changing the bottle size for each crop is not possible to always make it look entirely full for every crop.