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Ghost Pepper

Looking for the ghost pepper? Well you're in the right place here at Sonoran Spice. The Ghost pepper, known for their intense spiciness, are a favorite among chili enthusiasts. Shop our range of ghost pepper products today. Check out our other exciting chili pepper collections, such as the trinidad scorpion, everyones favorite habanero and our Carolina reaper, for even more heat-packed options. Why not also check out our Underwood Ranches Sriracha, one of our most popular items.

Shop Our Ghost Pepper Product Range

From ghost pepper powders, to ghost pepper hot sauces and even ghost pepper-infused salts, we have it all. Our carefully curated selection ensures you'll find the perfect ghost pepper product to satisfy your cravings. Ranked as one of the hottest peppers in the world, and a former world champion for the hottest pepper spot, Ghost Peppers are not a chili pepper to mess around with. Also known as Bhut Jolokia and originating from Northeast India, the ghost chili has been a long time favorite among chileheads. 

Ghost Pepper Powders

Ghost pepper powders are fiery spice blends made from one of the world's hottest peppers. A pinch adds intense heat and a lingering burn, perfect for daring spice lovers.

Ghost Pepper Hot Sauces

ghost pepper hot sauces are bold condiments packing serious heat. Their smoky, fruity flavor profile enhances dishes with a spicy kick, ideal for adventurous palates.

Ghost Pepper Candies

Ghost pepper candies combine sweetness and intense spiciness. These unique treats deliver a thrilling taste experience, with a fiery punch followed by sweet relief.

Ghost Peppers Scoville

In the world of peppers, the heat of a pepper is measured based on the Scoville scale. The more Scoville heat units (SHU) that a pepper has, the spicier it is. For example, the bell pepper has zero SHU, while jalapeño and chipotle peppers measure 10,000 SHU each.
The ghost chili pepper measures a whopping 1,041,427 SHU! Individual ghost peppers may measure more or less SHU, but this is the widely accepted average. It was the very first pepper to measure over a million SHU.

Click any of the products below to learn more and be sure to check out our Complete Guide to Ghost Peppers for more information.

You'll find everything under the sun from ghost pepper seasonings, ghost powder, Ghost Pepper Pebbles Candy, and more.