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The Hoff Hot Sauces

Looking to add some spice to your meals? Look no further than Hoff Sauce! This flavorful condiment is a must-have for any hot sauce enthusiast. Made with a unique blend of peppers and spices, Hoff Sauce adds a kick to everything from burgers to tacos. Or explore out our other exciting chili pepper collections, such as the ghost pepper, or shop the Underwood Ranches Sriracha Hot Sauce for even more heat-packed options. Or try the Pepper X, the worlds hottest pepper if you're adventurous!

Buy Hoff Hot Sauces & Seasonings

Hoff's hot sauces and seasonings are quality and flavor first products. With varying levels of heat available, Hoff's make hot sauces and seasoning for everyone. Founded by Aaron and Michelle Hoffman, in 2013 they created their first creation, the original Hoff's Hot Sauce. It is made from farm-fresh jalapenos and habanero peppers. Since then, the Hoff's hot sauce has gone on to win many national awards and has gained international recognition.

Shop Our Range of Hoff Hot Sauces

Now they have a full line of delicious hot sauces including ones that are made from some of the world's hottest peppers and their new spicy Ghost Pepper ketchup. You can even get a Hoff Hot Sauce 4 Pack Mini Flask Gift Set to give as a gift!