Cayenne Pepper Powder

Size: 1.5 Oz

Cayenne pepper, also known as bird pepper, Guinea spice, and red pepper is a slightly sweet and hot pepper in the capsicum annuum species. Also included in the species are other well-known peppers such as jalapeño, bell pepper, and paprika. 
Sonoran Spice Cayenne Pepper Powder rates at over 50,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) on the Scoville Heat Scale making it a medium to hot pepper. The flavor of the peppers is sweet making it an ideal pepper for uses such as hot sauces and dry BBQ rubs. 

This pepper is native to South America but was brought to Europe by Columbus in the 1400s. Today, many of these peppers still grow in South America, although you can commonly find them in India, Mexico, parts of Africa, and the United States.

Many people consider the cayenne to be the perfect balance between medium-hot and super-hot. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular peppers.

Although this pepper comes from South America, it’s also a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine. This pepper is versatile, whether it’s whole or in its spice form. It can take any recipe from average to extra-special. If you enjoy hot red pepper flakes, you’ve probably been eating flakes from the cayenne pepper without even knowing it.

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Shipping Configurations
1.5 oz, 3.75 oz, 7.5 oz, 16 oz, 1 kg - Ships in professionally sealed spice jars.

Suggested Uses:
Cayenne pepper is an excellent choice when making hot sauces and dry rubs for its sweet and spicy flavor. It also can be used in any dish where an increase in the heat level is desired without compromising the overall flavor profile of the dish. We especially like adding just a dash of it on chicken breast, eggs, and vegetables. Add a teaspoon to fresh salsa, nachos, and tacos for an added kick.

Additional Info
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
nice flavor

what can I say it is cayenne pepper. Maybe a little fresher tasting than store bought

Terisa H.
Ant Bane

I use Cayenne pepper to sprinkle on and around the perimeter of fire ant mounds with success.

Miguel S.
Best Cayenne pepper powder

This is i believe my 3 bottle. My family and i love this stuff especially on chicken soup and beef. Definitely will clear your sinuses lol 👍😎

Jay Loden
Excellent product

Both product and price are excellent. By purchasing directly from Sonoran Spice was less expenses than Amazon

Ilyan L.

A key ingredient in my own recently developed Lavanimal Brand Cajun-ostomy Spice seasoning mix. With a hefty dose of personal humor and ingredients from Sonoran Spice Company, I hope to make my new Cajun blend a staple in homes and restaurants everywhere. Thank you, Sonoran Spice Company, for amazing, high quality, pure spices!