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Aji Amarillo Powder

Size: 1.5 Oz

Aji Amarillo peppers, also known as Escabeche, aji verde, and aji cuzqueño, is a medium to hot chile pepper from Peru. It commonly has a Scoville Heat Rating of 30,000-50,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Aji Limo peppers have a very fruity citrus flavor, like passion fruit and mango, and work well in Central and South American cuisines. In Spanish, aji means chili pepper and amarillo means yellow although the pepper tends to be more orange when ripe. It has been cultivated since at least 6,500 B.C. and the ripened fruit is usually 4 to 6 inches long. It belongs to the Capsicum Baccatum family of peppers. 

Aji Amarillo Pepper

The taste is very similar to Scotch Bonnet peppers but with less heat. It is one of the Peruvian trinity family of peppers along with Aji Limo and Rocoto peppers. In Peru, the pepper is commonly made into a versatile paste and then the paste is worked into any number of dishes. You can use this powder to make a paste, simply by adding water and you can also make a vibrant sauce. The pepper is also commonly used to make salsa, ceviche, street tacos, salsa, root dishes, chili, and pairs well with chicken and fish. 

This is pure Aji Amarillo pepper powder, there are no other ingredients. Our powder tests on the high end at just under 50,000 SHU. Also available as Aji Amarillo Flakes.

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