Smokin' Ed's Special Reserve Super Hot Gift Set

Introducing the Smokin' Ed's Special Reserve Super Hot Gift Set – a fiery and flavor-packed experience that will ignite your taste buds and elevate your culinary adventures! 🔥

Included in the gift set:

Reaper Squeezins: The hottest and most dangerous sauce we offer! Reaper Squeezins is the hottest sauce we can produce using all-natural ingredients. Each bottle is carefully crafted with the world's hottest pepper, Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper®.

Ingredients: Carolina Reaper® peppers and vinegar. Made of 92% peppers.

Gator Sauce: The perfect sauce for those who can handle the heat! Flavors in this bottle starts floral while the heat slowly builds to last. Gator Sauce contains a new pepper we are currently working to get a new Guinness World Record!

Ingredients: Pepper X pepper mash (chile peppers and vinegar), Yellow Super Hot pepper mash (chile peppers and vinegar), distilled vinegar, and pepper powder. Made of 92% pepper.

Chocolate Plague is a dark, sinister dive into extreme heat. It's deep smoky flavor and spice kick in immediately, and the aftershock continues even after the mouth feel subsides. Don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing sweet about this Scoville Sauce. This sauce is straight from the diabolical mind of Smokin' Ed Currie, and is made with our freak show pepper: the Chocolate Bhutlah, a mutant hybrid of the Ghost Pepper and Chocolate Douglah Pepper. 

Extra Mean Green: This sauce is a tangy blend of our fresh ghost peppers and other delicious herbs and flavors. Put this sauce on anything from eggs to a burger, the flavor will pull you in and wanting more!

Ingredients: green chiles, ramps, and herbs. Made of 30% pepper.

Yellow Super Hot Blend: With a new name and an upgraded flavor, Maize Craze is BACK and now going by Yellow Super Hot Blend! The rich, golden color that originally inspired the name Maize Craze is still present, but it's now safe for all Michigan State fans to enjoy, too!

The bright, citrusy flavor goes great with seafood. Be careful, this one's hot!

Ingredients: Yellow Super Hot Mash Lemon Peppers, Scorpion Peppers, Fatalii and Yellow Bell Peppers), Distilled Vinegar.



Some of the sauces contains Pepper X. The new World's Hottest Pepper.

Additional Info
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