Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce



Beyond Insanity is pure habanero pepper enhanced with habanero infused flavor create a sauce measured at 135,600 Scoville Heat Units. Wicked beyond belief. With orange, habanero, and chipotle flavors it is a flavorful sauce with explosive heat that always hits the target!

Additional Details:
Size: 4 fl oz glass bottle
All Natural
Preservative Free
Peppers: Habanero, Chipotle Peppers, Natural Pepper Extract

1999 Texas Fiery Food Shoot Out, won 1st Place.
1999 2nd place for packaging at the National Scovie Awards.
1999 FDM, won 3rd Place.

Orange Juice, Habaneros, Chipotle Peppers, Water, Natural Pepper Flavoring, Tomato Paste, and Spices.

Hot Heat
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